Saturday, March 06, 2004

Captain Jack Sparrow

Watching Pirates Of The Caribbean with Johnny Depp who's just so great in it. I think he's swell. I want a pirate outfit. And of course a skull and crossbones flag.

"Load the guns!" They have no ammo but they fill the cannons with forks and knives and broken glass. Bloody battle.


What I've Been Up To

Great way to turn a rainy morning into a sunny afternoon. Headed over to BU to watch Maine win over Binghamton by two points (79-77) in an agonizing overtime last 3 seconds. Wow.


Off to a game at BU -- catch you later.

Maybe I Could Just Stop Writing

Sometimes, when I read writers that are as good as Dervala, I think "why do I even bother to write?" And there's something about the way she sees the world that makes me feel like, she's seeing it the way I do, but better, so maybe I could just stop writing because she's on deck doing her watch for all of us.

As she begins a new life and new job in New York, this Irish wanderlusting babe thinks through what she's done (gone through a divorce, fallen in love again), where she's been (so many countries and so many adventures I can't count them -- read her archives), what she's seen (so much of the world and what really matters) and what's ahead (tbd).

"I had the time to grieve a husband who is still dear to me, and to count the million billion mistakes I made.
I learned how to be by myself, and see for myself.
I learned how to sit still. I am bad at it.
I made friends from different lives. There are so many fine people out there.
I discovered how little I need to live happily. Fancy dinners and toys are no longer on the list. Nor is running water, if the lake is clean.
I learned how to pretend to be brave, which is nearly as good as courage.
I saw different ways of bringing up children, and I hope to make bolder mothering mistakes than indoor, anxious cossetting.
I visited old and new friends on two continents, and atoned for years of putting office work before them.
I fell in love.
I made up with Ireland. Now I have a place to miss, and go back to.
I had the time to read hard books.
I started to pay attention to politics and freedom.
I lost my puppyish infatuation with America. (But I still heart New York.)
I learned to be an ounce less than completely selfish. (Occasionally. When it suits me.)
I got to know my parents as an adult. I finally grasped that their lives as teachers are more valuable than any CEO’s.
I made memories of Lake Superior that that will feed me when I’m old.
I felt, first-hand, compassion, grief, love, outrage, anger, and gratitude.
I got the chance to write.
I faced some fears.
I found I had an untold number of assumptions and prejudices. Many more lurk, still invisible to me.
I learned how to trust people to be kind. They mostly are.
I learned that atoms trump bits. Nothing beats face-to-face contact, which is why babies don’t IM.
I accepted that I’ll never be wealthy. It still scares me, especially in America.
I earned some crows’ feet, and the conviction not to Botox them.
Somewhere along the way I woke up as a grown woman

Friday, March 05, 2004

Call Me Don't Be Afraid You Can Call Me

Sounds like David Weinberger's got his new nifty voice over IP phone cranked up.

Out Like A Light

Perfect. I've always had an expert sleeper -- this kid. Gotta love it.

Four Minutes And Counting

My kid's bedtime is just about here. I'm sure I'll get the standard Friday night guff and pleas about wanting to stay up later. I'm a toughie. I won't fall for it. I even have the glass of water ready so I don't have to go get one.

Buddy Movies

I was thinking about buddy movies and how some of the best known internet companies were started by two guys when you sit down and think about it.

Life After Uma

Doesn't look easy for Ethan Hawke to pick up after breaking up with Uma Thurman. This picture of him on the 20/20 site makes him look 63 instead of 33.

SpongeBob SquarePants Goes Prehistoric

Big night for SpongeBob fans. Our hero is going back to prehistoric times in a time machine, around 9:30 tonight.

They Are Taking Off The Pigskin Gloves

Guilty on all counts!? Oh Martha! This is NOT a good thing!

Connecticut White Women May Riot

The police barracades are up outside the Martha Stewart trial -- you don't want to see the Connecticut riots and looting when WASP women take to the streets in Darien, Greenwich and Westport. It will be ugly. Kate Spade handbags loaded with lead weights being weilded wildly, Manolo Blahnik heels stilettoing down the streets, the ladies armed with Williams Sonoma brass saucier pans, scary stuff. You thought the OJ verdict was hot!

Cat's Out Of The Bag -- Worthwhile Magazine

Okay, I'll come clean. We're starting a new magazine, WORTHWHILE, all about work, what we love about work, what we need to fix about work, what work will look like in the next few decades (read: radically different), about how we'll work using a mobile infrastructure to give us more time with people we love at home and people we love to work with at work.

They've asked me to run the blog! Blogmistress -- I love it. Good title.

I've got great writers lined up to blog -- serious troublemakers like Tom Peters, Jeff Jarvis, Catherine Fredman, David Weinberger, Anita Sharpe, David Batstone, and Kevin Salwen for starters. More about it in the coming weeks -- close to launching soon and pretty busy around here.

African-American Apprentice Axed

Wow, on the Donald Trump's Apprentice show, they fired Omarosa last night and she had a lot to say about it.

Martha Stewart Verdict

Jury should be coming back from lunch and they may have a verdict this afternoon.

AKMA Have I Gotta Job For You!

Online "Church of England" priest wanted. Bloggers please apply.

Thinking About Anne Boleyn Today

We always want what we can't have. She learned that lesson early on.
When Anne avoided Henry's company, was sullen and evasive to him, he sent her from court; he hoped that a few months in the country would persuade her of his charms. It did not work. Anne was already playing a far more serious game than the king. Later, after she had been arrested, Henry would claim he had been 'bewitched' and the term wasn't used lightly in the 16th century. But perhaps it was simply the contrast between her vivacity and Katharine's solemnity; or perhaps the king mistook the inexplicable ardor of true love for something more ominous, long after that love had faded.

It is impossible to fully explain the mystery of attraction between two people. How Anne was able to capture and maintain the king's attention for such a long while, despite great obstacles and the constant presence of malicious gossip, cannot be explained. Henry was headstrong and querulous. But for several years, he remained faithful to his feelings for Anne - and his attendant desire for a legitimate male heir.

"Do We Have A Problem Here?"

The Squawkbox reporter on CNBC asks David Wessel, from The Wall Street Journal, about the lousy job numbers, "David, do we have a problem here?"

"Yes, we have a real problem here with jobs."

Fed Tightening -- Not Likely

With the lousy job numbers, the possibility that the Fed would bump interest rates up a bit by August, looks less likely according to folks on CNBC.

Jobs Numbers Not Good

A bit of a shocker in the job numbers -- they were a lot worse than expected. The pundits on CNBC say Bush should be worried about HIS JOB.

Of Late

I almost never stay up late -- it's just not my thing. This morning as I'm making a pot of tea -- English Breakfast -- I was trying to remember if there was ever a time I liked staying up late. Coming up with nothing. And as you'll notice from the writings below, I stayed up very late last night and curse myself for doing it. It was a weird night where I decided to take a nap before dinner around 5:00pm, slept until past 9:00pm and then was full of energy way too late.

Once you have a kid and the little darlings like to crawl into your face around about 5:00am every morning with their insane amount of energy and smiles and happy playtime and clowning around, burning the midnight oil goes out the window for about ... 20 more years or so I figure. We know when they are teenagers, they start to get up late, but still after 13 years of raising a kid and getting used to being up at 5:00am, you can find yourself stuck in that time zone, and if you're not worrying about paying for their college bills by the time they are teenagers and therefore trying to get up and earn your daily bread at a reasonably early time, you're the exception and not the rule. And they do still have to get to school around 7:30am, don't they? How does the teenage parenting thing work at all -- it sounds frightful.
Back to getting up early. I actually am an "earliest" if you can call it that -- just like a racist. I really don't like people who stay up late and can barely drag themselves out of bed in the morning. I think it's a little sick. I'm a get-up-early puritan, I'm not sure why, but I am. And I have tons of holier-than-thou judgement against those who are proud to call themselves night owls. I feel like I'm always waiting for the rest of the world to wake up. Even when I lived in California, I could call friends on the East Coast despite the three-hour later time difference and wake them up. To be up at 4:30am in LA, call a New Yorker at "their" 7:30am and wake THEM up seems perverse to me.

It seems to me bad and dissolute things happen late at night under the cover of darkness. If I'm up late and alone -- I can feel a little lonely and pathetic and dangerous. If I'm up early alone, I feel energetic, creative and spoiled by the luxuriousness of no one else up to bug me -- especially if I'm writing in the morning.

Always give me dawn and you can keep the darkness. One feels full of aliveness, the other a semi-death. To my mind, the good part of the day is over by say, 10:15am. The day is gone. The sun might as well set by then. Cocktail time.

Hot Lesbians? Now, David

I have to admit, David Weinberger's post about a quick fix for making gay-marriage more popular has met with resounding SILENCE in the comments section both on his blog and on the aptly named Loose Democracy, the political blog he writes over at Corante.

I thought it was a brilliant stroke and he presented a cogent argument the other day at lunch for me and Dan Bricklin about how it's a win-win. He certainly picks up on a hot trend -- as "The L Word" demonstrates.

But for God's Sakes -- do people think he was actually not being a little facetious?!? The guy can kid around now and then, you know.

Ole Ole

Hurray! Ole's back blogging. I have to admit -- I was being pretty pushy with him -- telling him to get to it.

We had the most amazing conversation the other morning about innovation and how to just try things, as he was driving from LA to San Diego -- a route I've driven many times. I can see it in my mind's eye.

I'm waiting to see if he'll blog about it before me. The conversation was mostly me listening to all HIS good ideas, so I'll feel like a rat if I blog it first. Come on, Ole.

Lookin' For Mentors In All The Wrong Places

My horoscope amused me today. It seemed to be in synch with a discussion we were having at Misbehaving.Net about how we become role models and mentor others, I think I am impatient to change this world.
You may feel somewhat hemmed in by the role models society currently has to offer. As you struggle to arrive at your own definition of the truly modern achiever, the people around you sometimes criticize your own rather liberated attitudes. Just because their ideas are not in sync with yours in no way invalidates them. If your ideas are a tad too radical, theirs are certainly too conventional. There's room on this earth for both points of view...
Here's a link to our discussion over at Misbehaving.Net about leveling the playing field. Thanks to danah for blogging it.

Lookin' For Love In All The Wrong Places

Thought of this song when my horoscope told me I was looking for role models in all the wrong places. Here's the lyrics. And here's a weird link I found looking for lyrics.

Lookin' For Love

--Waylon Jennings

I've spent a lifetime looking for you
Single bars and good time lovers, never true
Playing a fools game, hoping to win
Telling those sweet lies and losing again.

I was looking for love in all the wrong places
Looking for love in too many faces
Searching your eyes, looking for traces
Of what.. I'm dreaming of...
Hopin' to find a friend and a lover
God bless the day I discover
Another heart, lookin' for love

When I was alone then, no love in sight
And I did everything I could to get me through the night
Don't know where it started or where it might end
I turn to a stranger, just like a friend

I was looking for love in all the wrong places
Looking for love in too many faces
Searching your eyes, looking for traces
Of what.. I'm dreaming of...
Hopin' to find a friend and a lover
God bless the day I discover
Another heart, lookin' for love

You came a'knocking at my heart's door..
You're everything I've been looking for..

No more looking for love in all the wrong places
Looking for love in too many faces
Searching your eyes, looking for traces
Of what.. I'm dreaming of...
Now that I found a friend and a lover
God bless the day I discover
You, oh you, lookin' for love

In all the wrong places
Looking for love in too many faces
Searching your eyes, looking for traces
Of what.. I'm dreaming of...
Now that I found a friend and a lover
God bless the day I discover
You, oh you, lookin' for love


Excellent cool blog. And I love the babe pix. Check it out.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Scotland's Just More Fun

I'm telling you -- and all my Scottish friends can say I TOLD YOU SO -- when you take a bunch of guys and dress them up in skirts, a lot of lovely things happen. Scotland's just more fun. And what a forgiving lot!

Don't miss this great story of love lost, love found, one groom dumping the bride by text message no less, another groom found in bed with the bride's mom, a long lost love stepping in to marry the girl, a few sexy guys in skirts and a wedding -- how can you go wrong?!

A bride-to-be ditched just four days before her wedding found another groom in time for the big day. Alison Innes, 20, was eight months pregnant when fiancé Peter Knight, 28, sent her a text calling off their wedding.

But her wedding still went ahead on the day planned when former love Daniel Innes, 18, stepped in as her knight in kilted armour. Mrs Innes's off-on marriage is the latest saga in a line of marital troubles.

In 2001, she stumbled across her husband of only 10 days, George Greenhowe, in bed with her mother Pat. But despite her heartache, she forgave them even agreed to be bridesmaid at their wedding.

Mrs Innes, from Arbroath, said news her wedding was off had come "out of the blue".

"I didn't see Peter, but I received a text saying he was sorry. I was very upset and didn't know why he backed out," she told Closer magazine.

The Scot said she and Mr Innes had dated for four months last year and was "shocked" at his proposal, but it took her just 48 hours to agree.

She is not sure who the father of her child is - Mr Knight, Mr Innes or his brother John - but said her new husband had still promised to support her.
BTW, this was stolen lock, stock & barrel from Dave Barry's blog where the recent addition of comments is really something not to miss.

For Sentimental Reasons

(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons Lyrics

-Artist: Nat King Cole
-peak Billboard position # 1 for 6 weeks in 1946-47
-Words by Deek Watson and Music by William Best
-also charted in 1946 by Charlie Spivak (#5)
-also charted in 1947 by Eddie Howard (#2), Dinah Shore (also #2), Ella
-Fitzgerald (#8), and Art Kassel (#15).
-also charted by Sam Cooke in 1958 (#17).
-also charted in 1961 by the Cleftones (#60).

I love you for sentimental reasons
I hope you do believe me
I'll give you my heart

I love you and you alone were meant for me
Please give your loving heart to me
And say we'll never part

I think of you every morning
Dream of you every night
Darling, I'm never lonely
Whenever you are in sight

I love you for sentimental reasons
I hope you do believe me
I've given you my heart

I love you for sentimental reasons
I hope you do believe me
I've given you my heart

Anil's Combing His Hair

Anil writes about his unruly mob of swarming hair. And about other organizing principles.

Divorced Bush, Married Kerry, Got Custody of the Supreme Court

David Weinberger never lacks for pithy bumper stickers, that's for sure. Check it out.


Feeling kind of "grinny" here at lunch with Dan and David. The joke is that my dear sister insists posing for a picture holding your double chins in just this manner takes 10 years and 20 lbs off your face. I'm not so sure, but I did have a lovely time talking with these guys.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

The Magic Number

Eric Norlin's talking about magic numbers. Check it out.


I used this word "uxorial" today on the phone with someone who knows a lot of words and he didn't know this one. It's a great word.

I have nothing but avuncular or perhaps, fraternal feelings for this guy, btw.

And he is not particularly uxorious either. He simply needed to ask her a question before we could plan an outing.

Long Posts

Don't go getting tripped up with the idea that all your posts have to be long and complicated. There's a lot to be said for a quick one.

Talk To Me

Really you're only a phone call away -- all this nonsense that we're so far apart. I don't believe it for a minute.

She Bangs She Bangs -- Ricky Martin

Talk to me
Tell me your name
You blow me off like it's all the same
You lit a fuse and now I'm ticking away
Like a bomb
Yeah, Baby

Talk to me
Tell me your sign
You're switching sides like a Gemini
You're playing games and now you're hittin' my heart
Like a drum
Yeah, Baby

Well if Lady Luck gets on my side
We're gonna rock this town alive
I'll let her rough me up
Till she knocks me out
She walks like she talks,
And she talks like she walks

And she bangs, she bangs
Oh baby
When she moves, she moves
I go crazy
'Cause she looks like a flower but she stings like a bee
Like every girl in history

She bangs, she bangs
I'm wasted by the way she moves
No one ever looked so fine
She reminds me that a woman's only got one thing on her mind

Talk to me
Tell me your name
I'm just a link in your daisy chain
Your rap sounds like a diamond
Map to the stars
Yeah, Baby

Talk to me
Tell me the news
You wear me out like a pair of shoes
We'll dance until the band goes home
Then you're gone
Yeah, Baby

Well if it looks like love should be a crime
You'd better lock me up for life
I'll do the time with a smile on my face
Thinking of her in her leather and lace

She bangs, she bangs
Oh baby when she moves, she moves
I go crazy 'cause she
Looks like a flower
But she stings like a bee
Like every girl in history

Man, if Lady Luck
Gets on my side
We're gonna rock this town alive
I'll let her rough me up
'Till she knocks me out
'Cause she walks like she talks
And she talks like she walks

She bangs, she bangs
Oh baby when she moves, she moves
I go crazy 'cause she
Looks like a flower
But she stings like a bee
Like every girl in history

Tickle My Aggregator

Isn't it fun to see these funny little posts pop up on your aggregator -- especially when you KNOW the person who's writing -- and you think, "Hey, he's up already writing -- that total LOONY TUNE!"

William Hung Is The Man

I don't know why, but I know he is. Hey, he's Asian and he's an engineer -- very hot.

On The Perceived Hermanetics of Didactic Fundamentalism

There was a lecture yesterday I attended at Harvard called "On The Perceived Hermanetics of Didactic Fundamentalism" which was truly fascinating. The interplay and juxtaposition of an Aristotelian model of inquiry with the obvious Foucaultful and Orwellian humanism got to the heart of the thesis in no time flat. There was a professor cloaked in dead grass green Harris tweed and wide-wale corduroy from pate to pied, or better stated, head to foot, hat to paw, for all to see, who grappled in a manly way with the obviously oblique dialectic like a veritable crocodile wrangler, with far more sanguine results, than the usual carny exhibitionist. I just HAD to blog about it.

Cock-A-Doodle Do

Rise and shine, guys. Let's go. It's getting late. 5:22 am here I suppose that rooster noise is what woke me, figuratively, metaphorically, not literally, as there is no strutting bird anywhere in sight, but in my mind's eye, which is to say a rather sexy dream woke me, what's a girl to do, but stagger out of bed, say ... "hmmm" about that, put a light on, shuffle into the kitchen, grab the counter for balance, flip the switch on the teapot, reach for the Darjeeling to bring her back to Earth, and with spring battling winter and my dreamy landscape a hot summer beach, I don a most inappropriate but perfect costume, last summer's black and white bikini, a black cashmere sweater, a pink faux fur hat. You can't take this life too seriously you see.

I think, "Who Was That Masked Man?"

Maybe ... him?
Maybe ... him?
Maybe ... him?
Maybe ... him?
Maybe ... him?
No, must have been ... oh yes, he's the one.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

No Hood, No Gas Cap YES!

The new Volvo designed by women have two killer features if you ask me -- no hood and no gas cap. I can never lift the hood and if I manage to, it looks like someone's silver bowels under there -- and I don't want to deal with them. And nothing I hate more than touching the gas cap and getting my hands all smelly -- or worse dripping gas on my shoes! I hate that!

Check out this link about the Volvo.

Delacour Rapprochement

Glad to see Delacour back. Jonathon has written a great post about many things, but I was interested in the "quit drinking" aspect to be sure and the other idea of being far away from other bloggers.

He finds that quitting drinking did not INCREASE his blogging, but au contraire, decreased it. Since I've lately been in a "quit drinking" mode for the most part, I haven't noticed it making me blog more or less. I never drank enough to make a difference and almost never blogged when I drank anyway. I only tend to drink when I'm not at home and I tend to blog when I AM at home. Here's Jonathan's thoughts on the subject:
"Contrary to expectation, drastically reducing my consumption of alcohol triggered a corresponding decline in my weblog output: my previous post was a couple of months ago, at exactly the time I decided to drink less. I stopped doing other things too—watching television in mid-December and drinking coffee in early February—but the connection between blogging and alcohol seems too strong to ignore.

I wasn’t even a particularly heavy drinker. A beer and a couple of glasses of wine or a couple of beers and a glass of wine is as much as I ever feel like drinking. Over dinner recently, when I told my friend Willem that I’d started on a plan to drink less, he said: “But you never drank much anyway.” It wasn’t the quantity that bothered me as much as the regularity. Drinking was a habit, like watching television had been, and I was curious about whether I could break another habit as easily."
One of the things he mentions is how he and Stavros The WonderChicken live far away from some of us bloggers who hang out in Boston, SF, NY. I was very interested in that, just thinking about it the other day, not in terms of living near bloggers, but rather, thinking about how few people you see in any given day and our lives are lived -- even in this jet-set world -- in very local ways. If your local neighborhood includes Harvard University or Times Square or The Golden Gate Bridge, you do have a different "local" experience over a lifetime which some may call elite, but this is where we live. I don't know if I want to apologize for it, but as I mentioned in my post "The Star You Are" it's disingenuous to pretend it's not part of the game here.

I want be a writer when I grow up. It's not easy to make a living being a writer. It's easier to get paid to write if people know who the hell you are. I do want people to know who the hell I am, because I want them to read what I write. I want to be paid for what I write. I guess if that is the sin I commit, I have to say "guilty as charged." I never came to blogging as a programmer or developer or entrepreneur per se. I came to blogging as a writer. Did I come to blogging to become a famous writer? No, I think I came to blogging just to write.

So Jonathon listen, if you blog more when you drink, I'm sending you some booze, because you're a great writer. And you're never far from us (just like WonderChicken) when you're whispering in our ears, half way across the world and a few oceans away, we don't miss a word.

Must Read Wonderful Chicken Piece

This is really really good. It's all about why our blogs suck now. Stravos the Wonder Chicken nails it. I know I'm late posting it and you've probably all read it already, but I still want to make sure it's here.

Blogs have gone from art to artsy-fartsy to arch I fear and then on beyond zebra and even worse, but Stravos puts it better than I can.

"We Will Tell The Truth"

Kerry's speech is strong, I must say. "We will tell the truth about what has happened in our country," Kerry says. Good line. "Policies that favor the few."

Kennedy Introduces Kerry

Looks like it's Kerry's big night. I live here in Boston and I still can't get used to the accent. When Kennedy said "He KANT wait for election day," I had to smile.

Klein On The Passion And Kerry

Check out Joe Klein's piece here.

Florida -- March 9th -- The Big One

It will be the election to watch.

Edwards: Reports Of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Nice to have your political death conveniently announced by CNN before you know anything about it. Edwards still has not said it. Can't a guy die on his own schedule?

Can Someone Tell Edwards Please?

CNN has "John Edwards Quits Race" under the video of Edwards giving a rallying speech. Shouldn't someone give Edwards a clue that he's already out?

"You And I Together"

John Edwards speaking right now keeps saying "you and I together" will do it. Do what ?

If he's quitting the race ... I want to hear the punchline.

Is he in or out?

Edwards Out

AP says he's bowing out ...

Kerry Tonight's Lord Of The Rings

With 0% of the votes counted, John Kerry wins Maryland, Mass, Conn, New Zealand, Best Editing, Best Make-up, Best Actor, Best Soundtrack.

Can't We Vote For Novak vs. Carville?

I want an interactive TV that can let us vote out Novak when he gets too noisy and vote in Carville if we like his accent.

The CNN announcers need dynamic digital stools that go up and down depending on their ratings from home viewers -- can't Diebold build those? If they say really annoying things, they are forced to wear a digital paper bag over their heads for part of the program.

"No Case To Make."

David Gergen says "Nader has no case to make" in this election. I agree.

"How Well Will He Wear?"

David Gergen on WGBH's Greater Boston suggests this is John Kerry's big issue -- will you like this guy over time when and if he gets the nomination?

Voting Scorecards

CNN also has great charts for each candidate.

Here's the Kerry Scorecard.

Delegate Scorecard

Here's the graphical CNN Delegate Scorecard.

Here's the numerical CNN Delegate Scorecard.

Let's watch them change tonight.

Dave Barry Adds Comments

He's got to be out of his everlovin' mind! Great comments there. Check it out.

"Too Much Politics In Washington"

Am I dreaming, or did I really just hear Bush say, "too much politics in Washington." Hmmmm ....

Wet Rocks On Mars

The Mars rover scientists are flipping out over finding rocks that had been in real water. It's really exciting. Jim Garvin of the NASA Mars Program is like a kid in a candy store.

Blueberries on Mars ... they are actually grey. And they aren't blueberries, just formations in the soil.

Lots of salt -- think Death Valley, Dead Sea, or maybe a really big McDonald's fries package left there by someone.

Sexy Fat Guy

The thing I liked most about Jack Black in School of Rock was him explaining to a short fat kid that you can be sexy AND fat.

It's about time someone said that -- it's so TRUE! I know a lot of sexy fat guys who are really hot.

Get the DVD -- it's fun.

Not So Super Wednesday For Eisner

Tomorrow in Philly, Eisner gets voted in or out of Disney.

Electronic Voting Update

Instapundit has great coverage of new voting machines in many states across the country. As for whether they are capable of encouraging voter fraud -- they sound barely capable of working at all, in some states. No paper receipt -- very bad news. One person rightly mentions the real risk of new voting machines that don't work -- people will give up and NOT bother to vote. Ugh!

Check out his coverage here.

Hey Go Vote!!!

I just did. It feels good to fill in the little circles with a black marker. Or turn down the little levers. Or touch the screen. Or punch the holes. Whatever you do, don't forget to vote.

How To Be A Good Wife

This should make men cheer and women scream. Now why doesn't someone face the fact that no one wants to be a good wife anymore and it's time to develop, perfect and market a GOOD WIFE ROBOT. Sony, this is the opportuntity of a lifetime!

"Have dinner ready. Plan ahead, even the night before, to have a delicious meal ready for his return. This is a way of letting him know that you have been thinking about him and are concerned about his needs. Most men are hungry when they come home and the prospect of a good meal (especially his favourite dish) is part of the warm welcome needed

Prepare yourself. Take fifteen minutes to rest so that you’ll be refreshed when he arrives. Touch up your make-up, put a ribbon in your hair and be fresh-looking. He has just been with a lot of work-weary people.

Be a little gay and a little more interesting for him. His boring day may need a lift and one of your duties is to provide it.

Clear away the clutter. Make one last trip through the main part of the house just before your husband arrives.

Gather up schoolbooks, toys, paper etc and then run a dust cloth over the tables.

Over the cooler months of the year you should prepare and light a fire for him to unwind by. Your husband will feel that he has reached a haven of rest and order, and it will give you a lift too. After all, catering for his comfort will provide you with immense personal satisfaction.

Prepare the children. Take a few minutes to wash the children’s hands and faces (if they are small), comb their hair and, if necessary, change their clothes. They are little treasures and he would like to see them playing the part. Minimise the noise. At the time of his arrival, eliminate all noise of the washer, dryer or vacuum. Try to encourage the children to be quiet.

Be happy to see him.

Greet him with a warm smile and show sincerity in your desire to please him.

Listen to him. You may have a dozen important things to tell him, but the moment of his arrival is not the time. Let him talk first – remember, his topics of conversation are more important than yours.

Make the evening his. Never complain if he comes home late, or goes out to dinner, or other places of entertainment without you. Instead, try to understand his world of strain and pressure and his very real need to be at home and relax.

Your goal: Try to make sure your home is a place of peace, order and tranquility where your husband can renew himself in body and spirit.

Don’t greet him with complaints and problems.

Make him comfortable. Have him lean back in a comfortable chair or have him lie down in the bedroom. Have a cool or warm drink ready for him.

Arrange his pillow and offer to take off his shoes. Speak in a low, soothing and pleasant voice.

Don’t ask him questions about his actions or question his judgment or integrity. Remember, he is master of the house and as such will always exercise his will with fairness and truthfulness. You will have no right to question him.

A good housewife always knows her place."

-- Housekeeping Monthly, 1955

Suffragettes Did Suffer

The root of the word "suffragette" is not about suffering, but rather "sufferage" -- the right to vote. They did suffer however. They were a radical crew.
The Suffragettes refused to bow to violence. They burned down churches as the Church of England was against what they wanted; they vandalised Oxford Street, apparently breaking all the windows in this famous street; they chained themselves to Buckingham Palace as the Royal Family were seen to be against women having the right to vote; they hired out boats, sailed up the Thames and shouted abuse through loud hailers at Parliament as it sat; others refused to pay their tax. Politicians were attacked as they went to work. They homes were fire bombed. Golf courses were vandalised. The first decade of Britain in the C20th was proving to be violent in the extreme.

Suffragettes were quite happy to go to prison. Here they refused to eat and went on a hunger strike. The government was very concerned that they might die in prison thus giving the movement martyrs. Prison governors were ordered to force feed Suffragettes but this caused a public outcry as forced feeding was traditionally used to feed lunatics as opposed to what were mostly educated women.

The government of Asquith responded with the Cat and Mouse Act. When a Suffragette was sent to prison, it was assumed that she would go on hunger strike as this caused the authorities maximum discomfort. The Cat and Mouse Act allowed the Suffragettes to go on a hunger strike and let them get weaker and weaker. Force feeding was not used. When the Suffragettes were very weak..........they were released from prison. If they died out of prison, this was of no embarrassment to the government. However, they did not die but those who were released were so weak that they could take no part in violent Suffragette struggles. When those arrested had regained their strength, they were re-arrested for the most trivial of reason and the whole process started again. This, from the government's point of view, was a very simple but effective weapon against the Suffragettes.

Superb Tuesday

Go vote! Today's a big day for a lot of us.

I'm so tempted to dress up like a suffragette and go vote in my bloomers! Want to say a big thanks to all those gutsy women who worked so hard to give me the right to vote. They actually believed I had a right to speak my mind!

Boys Are Stupid, Throw Rocks At Them

Whoa. Here's a story about a T-shirt maker in Clearwater, Florida who's making money hand over fist, selling teens shirts that read "Boys Are Stupid, Throw Rocks At Them."

I have a boy. I don't want anyone throwing rocks at him. I like boys. I like men.

But this brings up a whole other subject. What shall I call it ... The End of Male Dominance As We Know It? It's underneath all the Alpha Male stuff I've been writing. It's a feminist backlash. It's all about the end of patriarchy. It's a big, messy, not-so-well-hidden-these-days cultural eruption. Krakatoa, East of Java.

I'll be back to discuss it.

Monday, March 01, 2004

Body Politic

I wanted to put all my writing on political subjects under one heading so at least I can find them easily. I figure if I'm have trouble finding something, someone else will be too, so here goes.

From newest to oldest:

Dean Supporters Will Back Edwards -- Watch -- February 29, 2004

What I Meant By 10 Trends In Political Blogging -- February 22, 2004

Ten Trends In Political Blogging -- February 9, 2004 (My O'Reilly Conference Speaking Notes -- San Diego, CA)

Kerry -- Who Cares?! -- About Kerry and an intern -- February 13, 2004

Full Court Press -- How Dean did not court the press and how blogs played a part -- January 30, 2004

This Is Not A Political Campaign -- About A Visit To Dean HQ, where I write about this feeling more like a political movement about democracy and less like a political campaign for the presidential nomination -- January 26, 2004

Elect That Man -- About how the Florida Voting Debacle made people fighting mad -- September 4, 2003

My Mom Never Told -- About how women vote contrary to their husbands and keep their vote secret sometimes -- August 18, 2003

Cool New Blog: Adverblog

I suppose everyone knows all about Adverblog but me ... or maybe not. Well, anyway, it's a cool blog about Web and Online Advertising in the Wireless Market. It's very international which gives it big gold stars in my book.

Check out the piece called A Look At The Spanish Wireless Market and also a post called Volvo Can Be Fun And Sexy. That explains their interesting ads last night on the Academy Awards where they demo'd new Volvos in computer generated graphics -- like video games.

He Passes Through My Body

It was a neat trick. How eight years back, I was the size of a woman wearing a tight tee shirt and equally snug blue jeans on a late fall morning, wore my pelvis just right in those days, still slightly girlish myself and then in a spark, his dad and I conceived of a boy, not just a baby, but the idea of a boy. The idea of whole live boy. At first, he was simply the idea of a baby boy. It was an idea that took only nine months to render. Some sort of mad morphing, passing through my body.

I was me.

I was me with him inside, not showing.

I was me with him inside, showing.

I was me (a mess of me) with him in my arms, showing him off.

A very pretty mix of his dad and me. We were mad for the boy. We had a baby. Happens every day.

Slowly, milky mess and baby drool, a few months later, I was back in body and in soul. Like a photo double exposure, I still don't know how it happened, how he had passed through me completely, through my own body and then that body of knowledge -- or some version of such -- had returned and was recognizable in those blue jeans. I think I was me again. Actually I was something better.

And now, loading the washer this morning with my jeans and his jeans, chugga chugga and soap swirling -- I note with alarm, we are getting close to wearing the very same size. The jeans will be indistinguishable soon. Son jeans, mom jeans. On some points we are already in alignment. We share socks. We share sweatshirts. We shared sweat the morning I had him -- or did he birth me -- more likely. These days, he likes to come running right at me, bully boy and see if he can tackle his mom, knock her over in a pile of laundry, a rough and tumble hug -- but I stand firm, surprising him, he can't plow through me.

But as each day goes by, as if stepping through a door frame, he is in fact, passing right through me. My silhouette and sides only a slight ghostly perimeter larger than him at this point and through me he originated and if all goes well, will walk way beyond me, leaving me in the dust. Yes, I invite him to make dust of me and walk on in this world, way beyond me. And on the day I yield this world to him, it will still be a mystery I do not pretend to understand.

Sunday, February 29, 2004

And Best Picture

I always forget it's the "producer" award.

Here goes.

Lord Of The Rings -- The 11th win tonight -- this ties with Ben Hur and Titantic for most wins.

Best Actor FINALLY

Sean Penn -- wow, what a group this year.

Best Actress FINALLY

Charlize Theron -- I'm surprised, but I didn't see the movie. It looks incredible. So does she.

Best Director

Peter Jackson, The Lord Of The Rings. "You're giving us a most overwhelming night." Yes.

Diane Keaton Dressed Like Annie Hall

I love what Diane Keaton is wearing -- looks like her original Annie Hall getup.

Errol Morris Finally Wins An Award

He is great, nice to see him win.

"Forty years ago we went down a rabbit hole in Vietnam. I fear we're going down a rabbit hole again." First, political anti-war message of the night.

Billy Crystal, "I can't wait for his tax audit!" Best Line All Night.

Oprah on Mystic River

She's just so damned good at presenting. Like her dress too.

Kate Hepburn Retrospective

My, she was yar.

New Zealand Night At The Oscars

"It's now official, there's no one left in New Zealand to thank." says Billy Crystal. Boy that's for sure.

My Picks -- Update

Here's what I guessed earlier today and here's my YES and NO additions:

Best Picture: Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King YES
Leading Actor: Bill Murray NO -- Penn
Supporting Actor: Tim Robbins YES
Leading Actress: Diane Keaton NO -- Theron
Supporting Actress: Marcia Gay Harden NO -- Zellwegger
Directing: Sofia Coppola -- NO -- Jackson
Best Animated Feature: Finding Nemo YES

They haven't gotten many awarded and I'm falling asleep here at 10:25. When does this END?

[Finally ended after midnight on the East Coast.]

Best Make-up Award

Peter King and Richard Taylor from Lord Of The Rings. Is that the 423rd Oscar the film has scored tonight?

Dan's Dog

Was so sorry to hear Dan's dog is gone. I remember when we had to put my dad's dog to sleep. That night in the house -- it was so silent -- so empty -- it was all wrong.

Lord Of The Rings Again

All right, they won something else ... EDITING?! I was doing the dishes, sorry.

Master And Commander

Loved this movie more than I expected to. Saw it on a plane on the way to California. I want to see it in a movie theatre. It was great.

Music By Annie Lennox, Alison Kraus, Elvis Costello, Sting

Wow. The music segments at the Academy Awards usually stink. But tonight, the songs from Cold Mountain and Lord of The Rings were INCREDIBLE.

Also just plain wonderful to see people PERFORM -- it's what the whole thing is about, isn't it -- to see people entertain us with voice, body, emotion. Amazing musical performances.

Charles Schwabb Commercial

Good One. People asking for all sorts of service and all the other investment guyssmiling "Yes," but saying "No," and turning them down. Schwabb offering a range of services.

Bob Hope Retrospective

"I love you," says one pretty actress to Bob Hope. True, true.

Big Hello To Our Servicemen and Servicewomen

Our thoughts are with you and we thank you -- says Billy Crystal.

Right on.

Best Supporting Actress

The Oscar goes to ... Renee Zellwegger. Cold Mountain. First Academy Award ... wow! I thought she'd won before.

She's overwhelmed and a pile of tears.


Cool Motorola Ad.

Best Animated Feature

Finding Nemo. Big thanks to Pixar and Jobs.

Scorcese AMEX Commercial

Pretty damned funny.

Best Supporting Actor

And the WINNER is, "Tim Robbins" -- 1st Academy Award. Excellent. I love him.

Funny Montage w/Billy Crystal

Funny montage of all the movies up for best picture -- with Billy morphed into all of them.

76th Annual Academy Awards Starts With Bond .. JAMES, Bond

Love Sean Connery. Love to hear his REAL accent too. Lovely.

Renee and Nicole

Zellwegger and Kidman are yucking it up, with the wrong accents -- weirdly, I expect Nicole to sound American and Renee to sound British. It's confusing the heck out of me.

Tom Hanks -- I Think There Might Be One Person In The World Who Doesn't Like Him

Hank's advice on enjoying the oscars, "you must start with the understanding, that at any time, you might stand up and say the stupidest thing in the world, that would haunt you the rest of your life."

Angelina Jolie No Date Tonight

Pretty white silk dress, very Hollywood. The interviewer asks her who she's with, "I'm alone tonight." Good answer.

Johnny Depp "This Is A Horse Of A Different Color"

He's swell and has a low sexy voice ... kinda get the notion he's smart and busy being a parent.

Sofia Coppola Sounds Like A Real Person

Nice simple plain black dress. She's a writer, whatever else she is.

Bill Murray "What Are You Wearing Tonight?"

Murray says, "Boxers."

Catherine Zeta-Douglas

She's great.

Jude Law Has Some Helluva An Accent

What the heck ... boy does he have an accent.

Pepsi Commercial -- I Fought The Law

Cool commercial with a girl prosecuted for downloading music. "I Fought The Law."

The Dervster Is Partying

So Dervala is jet-setting in from Ireland to hit an Oscar Party in New York tonight. This girl, man she rocks.

Red Carpet

Tim Robbins and Susan Saradon are the best. She always looks great. Scarlet Johansson in a very green dress -- has some sort of tiers of green ruffles.

Will Smith -- so damned hot -- and his wife is a babe. DANGER ZONE: The Smiths talking about how much they love one another ... spells d-i-v-o-r-c-e, but hope not.

At least this fast cut red carpet coverage is a little more fun than the usual slow, torturous stuff.

Johnny Depp -- insanely hot -- and boy, oh, boy, can he wear mascara.

Naomi Watts looks sweet and humble. Pretty dress but pretty boring.

Ben Stiller upstaged by Owen -- so hokey. Maria's got her diamondy dress on.

"The little girl from Whale Rider she stole my heart ..."

"Examine your heart ..."

"Are those real, btw?" -- he means the diamonds on her bodice.

She Makes Them All Cry

Barbara Walters makes them all cry, including Shrek. Then Shrek (Mike Meyers) remembers how to go to his "happy place" and dodges her "make-him-cry" question.

School of Rock Not Just A Little Good

School of Rock is a LOT good. It's so funny. If you didn't see it, you should rent it for sure.

Red Carpet Fashion Disasters Covered Here

I'll be back to cover the Academy Awards Fashion parade and say really catty things. See you later!

Barbie And Blaine

I still can't get over this announcement, one day before Valentine's Day, that Barbie had dumped Ken for an Australian boogie boarder named Blaine. She's 45, Ken's 43 and it's over, just like that. What does this mean for American Alpha Males?! A bad day for our guys. I couldn't even bear to write about it until now. The San Jose Merc covered it faithfully.
Toy maker Mattel let it leak that Ken's failure to commit was at the core of the couple's troubles. He simply would not ask Barbie to marry him, despite subtle hints like Dream Bride Barbie. Why Boot Camp Barbie didn't propose first we'll never know.

Clearly, there were issues around intimacy. Armed with stiff, plastic fingers, Ken couldn't even hold hands. And, it's true, Ken was not anatomically complete, which may have given him pause on the issue of a wedding and a wedding night
Well, hey, give Ken a break. It wasn't like Barbie had all the right equipment -- she doesn't even have nipples!

It is sad to imagine Ken wondering, "What's Blaine's got, that I ain't got?!"

Hey, Scott

I've met Scott Rosenberg at a bunch of conferences a bunch of times, but kept forgetting to blogroll him. Just wanted to say, "Whoops, sorry, Scott" and get his name up on my list. Believe me -- nothing personal -- I've just been lazy and you're in very good company with a bunch of other brilliant people I've forgotten to blogroll.

Dean Supporters Will Back Edwards -- Watch

Whether Dean comes out publicly or not, I suspect Dean supporters will be the wild card on Super Tuesday and they'll go with Edwards.

Debate: Sharpton Brings It Back To Earth

When he's not being too hot-headed, he brings the discussion back to the real world nine times out of ten and I appreciate it.

Debate: Dennis K Is Strong Today

He has a lot of good things to say. Seems like you can finally hear him now that there are only 4 of them debating.


Did Dan Rather really ask John Edwards that question? He's giving a great answer -- it's NOT a personality contest. Edwards says, "Voters aren't stupid. They look you in the eye and decide whether they trust you or not." Also brilliant and polite that Edwards started by saying simply, "I like John Kerry."

Debate: The Funerals

500 funerals and Bush has attended none. I knew this would come up. It's such a touchy subject. I don't think they addressed it fully or well.

Debate: Edwards On Iraq

On the Bush administration's foreign policy: "They have squandered our credibility around the world," says John Edwards.


Debate: Hammer And Nails

On one point -- "This President does not understand what's going on in people's lives," Edwards nails it.

In response to Kerry being asked if he's a liberal, he delivers a good statement about whether you can call Bush a conservative, detailing his fiscal irresponsibiity and his other radical policies.

Sharpton's right on with "there's a lot more than two Americas".

It's about more than wealth and class, Edwards supports Sharpton.

Debate: Blond Girl Vote

Boy, I'll tell you Sharpton's not winning my vote by ripping the blond woman reporter to shreds over the idea that she has a right to speak.

[To be fair, she did keep jumping in at all the wrong times, cutting people off mid-sentence.]

Debate: Kerry vs. Edwards

Very interesting to see them up close at a dinner table setting. Kerry looks like the tired old dad that won't give his spunky young son a chance to talk. And Kerry won't LOOK at him.

Debate: I Believe

Dan Rather's opening question for the debate, asking the nominees to fill in the blank after "I BELIEVE ----- " was really weird. And he used the word "religiousity" when I think he simply meant "religion." Was this because it's Sunday morning? Want to make sure we keep blurring issues of church and state?

Debate: Democrats On Red Carpet

Can't they walk the red carpet in sexy evening clothes to spice things up? The debates get more and more dull. I want to see these guys in tuxedos.

Face The Nation Audio

Okay, will someone tell me why there's a serious debate about gay marriage on Face The Nation with a very loud audio track that sounds like someone filling a metal sand bucket with rocks and sand? Are we at the beach? Clue me in here.

My Academy Awards Picks

What I think will happen:

Best Picture: Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
Leading Actor: Bill Murray
Supporting Actor: Tim Robbins
Leading Actress: Diane Keaton
Supporting Actress: Marcia Gay Harden
Directing: Sofia Coppola
Best Animated Feature: Finding Nemo

What I wish would happen:

Best Picture: Lost in Translation
Leading Actor: Johnny Depp
Supporting Actor: Benicio Del Toro
Leading Actress: Diane Keaton
Supporting Actress: Renee Zellweger
Directing: Sofia Coppola
Best Animated Feature: Finding Nemo

Feedster Feed Of The Day

Wow! Thanks Feedster -- I'm Queen For The Day! I mean, the Feedster "Feed of the Day" which is very cool.

Here's the good deal for you new readers and old readers. I'll be adding all my subscribers to my blogroll, so if you don't subscribe, please take a minute to do so since I want to be sure to add everyone to my roll by the end of the day or so.

Tiny Spy Plane

These fly-boys are little old bees.

Phoney Baloney Capture of Bin Laden Likely Timed To Super Tuesday

I'll betcha this is all a set-up to announce Bin Laden's capture late Monday or during Tuesday's elections to eclipse that news. We've seen it all before.

Before Sunrise

It's still before sunrise here, but I was referring to this romantic movie I watched last night. It's a good story about the first time two strangers meet and the 24 hours they spend together falling in love.

The kind of movie that reminds you, you never really can anticipate the twists and turns your life might take. Some consider it similar to Lost In Translation.

Not Even Close To Done

Still fixing my blogroll listings, so email me if you think I've missed you and you want me to add you. It's halley at yahoo dot com.

Got Your Ballot Ready For Voting?

I mean for this kind of voting.

Metal Mouth

I'm getting over this cold slowly, but I have the weirdest metallic taste in my mouth from some of the medicine I've been downing. Maybe after this bout I'll rise to find I look like Jenny, the Teenage Robot.

Sadie Hawkins Day?

Much confusion on which day is which. Whatever the case, today's the day you're supposed to ask that shy guy to marry you, ladies.

But may I say girls, with the authority invested in me by the state of Massachusetts, as a priestess of alpha male knowledge, all good things come to those who wait.

Better not to ask, but intstead, wait to be asked, like Daisy Mae here.

Sushi Guitar

The geisha girl sushi guitar that Zannah aka #!/user/bin/girl pointed to is still playing in my mind.

Christ, Ed!

I liked Ed Cone's review of Gibson's The Passion. He's the first to mention the spoken Latin and subtitles. I still don't want to see it. I particularly liked Ed's comment about the gore:

But Gibson is hardly the first to fetishize the violence done to the Son of Man -- been to a good European museum lately?

I can't decide if I liked this post more than his recounting of the harrowing trip back from a Duke game in a snowstorm that snuck up on him. Both were great.