Sunday, September 08, 2013

Slow Down Please

Founders Less Than Three
by Halley Suitt Tucker

My purse is littered with receipts, business cards, brochures, bookmarks, boarding passes and matchbooks from restaurants 3000 miles from here this morning. I'm tossing things and straightening out what I mean to keep. I've been going here, there and everywhere promoting my new book, inviting people to take a bookmark so they'll recognize the title and cover art next time they need to read a new book.  I hope they'll buy my book, but I really hope they'll find time to read it.

But the go-go-go-everywhere blah-blah-blah side of me is at war with the SLOW DOWN PLEASE side and I know who wins this Civil War. The slow down part of me is the reader and the writer and always wins out in the end. I'm a binge reader. I read like it's a dirty little habit, sneaking the time when no one is looking and I don't care who walks in on me while I'm in the act. Just can't help myself. I've been reading like crazy since I finished writing this book. But I've got that itchy finger feeling about wanting to start writing the next book too.

All of that requires silence and endless hours going nowhere in the world and everywhere in the world in my head. It's about slowing down and taking the time. Some people can write anywhere, but I find it best to be firmly planted at my desk in my house.

As for my "readers" I am wondering if they have the same crazy need to read that I do. When people show genuine interest and even buy the book, I know it may take them a while to actually read my book. I know many will buy it, but not read it. I suppose I should be fine with that, but I'm not. It seems a little sad for them, not me. I'd much rather have someone read it and not like it, than not read it at all.

Sometimes I imagine my characters on a bench like a little baseball team, all ready to take the field. But they can't even get on the scoreboard unless a stranger -- a new reader -- slows down enough to read about them. They are so pumped when that happens, lining up proudly in their mismatched uniforms, ready to "PLAY BALL!"

Meanwhile, they just hang around the dugout with nothing to do, wishing they could take the field to bat one out of the park. Please don't make them linger too long.  I know the the alpha male characters will end up in a fight, showing off in front of the alpha females, or end up bullying the background characters to stand up and fight like a leading man! I can hear them slamming empty lockers in the locker room and that means trouble. Give these guys a chance to show off their stuff.

[The book:  Founders Less Than Three -- right HERE on Amazon.]

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Sunday, September 01, 2013

See You In September

A man asked me why I don't blog more often, he missed my blogging. So here I am. There's an easy answer as to why I haven't been blogging very often.  Lately, all my early morning writing has been poured into a book, not a blog.  It's pretty tricky to pull off both. Think of the plate-spinning guys.  Yes, I suppose you can do it, but does anyone like the sound of plates crashing and smashing?  I don't.

From Vogue: Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane
Photo by David Sims
There's one thing I want to write about this September morning, the 902 pages of the new September Vogue magazine. Actually, I just want to write about the first fifty pages or so.  I like the Saint Laurent girl Hedi Slimane has dreamed up in those pages. She reminds me of my heroine Monica Kroy.

She's got clunky boots and skinny legs and a short skirt with a big wool sweater thrown on top that doesn't match.  She's headed out on some amazing heroic adventure (think Hunger Games girl, Jennifer Lawrence, who happens to be on the cover of the magazine this month) and the romantic and sexy men who might long for her, really can't keep up with her. She's impromtu and spontaneous. She has an inkling of something far away she needs to find, wants to visit, might even invent, a world to conquer. The loose wool sweater or cute jacket she throws on doesn't need to match, she just needs to get out the door.

She might wear the scent of the horse-back riding Ralph Lauren woman, page one, inside the cover of Vogue -- called Romance -- but she's not that girl.  That girl is all passionately wrapped up in a guitar-playing man and pretty children.

Saint Laurent's girl is the lead guitar player. By 50 pages into the magazine, you see her peering out a very large castle-size window at the ocean. She's got a large, ominous vision. The next page she's gone from full-color to black & white, from looking at fish to sporting fishnets, clunky mini-dominatrix duds and an impatience for the guy taking her picture that says, "Let's just get on with it. I have places to go,"  But "it" is not about romance or sex. It's something larger.

She is not looking for a hero. She's the hero. She's not looking for a man.  She'll pick one out when the spirit moves her and she can take any one of them she wants.  She's got a very wide world to investigate. Get out of her way guys.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


So here goes! I'm kicking off my Kickstarter project today, with a little help from my friends. It's called Founders Less Than Three and you can support it right here!

It's a novel all about entrepreneurs -- five CEO guys and five CEO girls and their teams are building new companies from scratch and racing to get funding.  Boston is the best place in the world to found a start-up and my enterprenerds come from all over the world.

It's early here in Boston and I am thinking about my characters getting up, washing their faces, getting ready for the day. It's 5:30am, so a bunch of them have been working all night at their offices at Kendall Square. It's just one of those things, you figure you'll grab the T in time to get home late and then you just keep working through the night instead.

If you haven't tried Kickstarter, this is a great time to join. You can support my project for as little as a $1.00 and there's no complicated sign-up process and all that. Have you ever bought anything from Amazon? If so, then that's all you do with Kickstarter -- it all runs through Amazon and you don't even pay for a month (and only if my project gets fully funded.) So try it out and be sure to peruse the other amazing creative projects over at Kickstarter as well.

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