Thursday, June 02, 2005

Unusual: Holding Men To A Higher Standard

I got some unusual responses to the post I did called "Holding Men To A Higher Standard" below.

I thought men would be upset to read about women expecting so much more from them, holding THEM to a higher standard. Weirdly, I got push back instead on the notion that men are constantly judging and comparing women. A number of men said they don't do this. Huh!!!!???? This seems really strange to me.

I've heard men. I know a few men. They've told me what they really do when a bunch of women walk by. A lot of them can tell you a woman's bra cup size from 50 feet and I've heard them say it. Get real, guys! We know you're sizing us up. The idea that men are not judging women ... yeah, right, I say.