Saturday, May 28, 2005

Why I Wrote "How To Become An Alpha Male"

I've written about this before, the genesis of how I wrote "How To Become An Alpha Male In 18 Easy Lessons" which is silly, sexy, romantic and sometimes deep.

At first I thought it was about the guys I was dating and the people I knew in offices, at conferences, in the blogosphere all around me. Sometimes I thought it was all about raising a son, and trying to understand what it was like for him growing up, becoming a young man.

But the further I get away from my father's death, the more I think I wrote these pieces as a way of grieving his loss.

He was quite the Alpha Male. Also was just a good guy and a funny guy. All the risks I take, the crazy stuff I do, the places I go, the laughs I enjoy are thanks to him. He was difficult in some ways, he was human. But he was terrifically fun. I miss that. He had a "dam the torpedos" attitude I loved and have in spades.

This one is definately about him and a little sad.