Saturday, December 13, 2008

Too Much!

I've been going going going at a crazy pace -- working too many hours -- it's just too much. Today is my slow down day, thank goodness. I have a friend from church who is actually 100 years old and I've been trying to find time to see her before Xmas. Maybe today. She knows how to relax and have fun.

One time she was giving me advice about dancing after I told her about a wild party I went to. She recommended I take it easy and recounted a story about some crazy new dance steps, in her case, the Charleston, and all the trouble that dance got her into one night in 1927. I like to hear someone talk about 1927. She calls FDR, "Mr. Roosevelt" and thinks everyone is getting into too much of a panic these days. We all need to relax. I need to see her. I did the math and realized, FDR was her president from when she was 25 years old until she was 37 ... a long part of anyone's life, but not all that long when you consider she's lived 100 years. Will I still be blogging here at 100?! I hope so. But I sure hope I won't have to type this by then.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia