Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009: Innovation At Full Throttle

What a year 2008 was! So much change, so much loss, so much destruction of "business as usual" and "government as usual" and "environment as usual" just for starters.

So get ready, and get excited and get HAPPY -- 2009 will present the most amazing challenges and opportunities. Imagine it as a clean slate, everything you used to know has been decimated, destroyed or turned topsy-turvy. You won't hear anyone saying, "Oh, you can't do that!" or "That's not the way things are done" or "We better follow the rules."

2009 will be a year of innovation at full throttle, especially in Energy, Business, Politics, Health Care, Education, (hopefully) Foreign Policy. Very exciting time to live. Dream, imagine, innovate! Please don't waste a minute thinking "that's too risky, I shouldn't try it!" Go ahead, take the leap.