Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama: He's Us ... Don't You Get It?!

At dinner the other night, we were talking about our kids and Obama and Obama's mother and grandmother and wishing her well, hoping like hell she'll be well enough to see him win ... and my neighbor, a mom with kids of mixed race -- Indian and White -- said it to me, a mom with a kid of mixed race ... "He's us. He's just like one of our kids."

Don't people get it ... he looks like US! He looks like our kids and our friends, he's an amazing product of a mixed marriage, the perfect leader of the people of this country, a champion of the wonderful diversity of this nation, the new world of tolerance we're creating. He's us and ready to lead us.

We've lived under the oppressive rule of eight years of white men ... and it's not us ... it was taxation without representation ... with the government representing rich folks and making sure not to tax them much. But that wasn't the US, not the real US, the real USA. The big old complicated USA is a country of color, of wide varieties of sexual orientation, of all religions, of old, young, male and female ... did they forget what America looked like?!? Did they think they could pretend we were still in a Father Knows Best rerun? What were they thinking? Obama -- he's us!

Photo Credit: Jean Chatoff