Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Funny Thing About Working Out

I can slip and forget to work out for a day or two or three or worse and then when I go back, nothing is better. It's really so important and makes me feel so good, it's like some religious thing ... maybe my version of being born again, call it FIT AGAIN, yes, it's good to be back in fitness nirvana.

I'll never understand how I can make excuses to avoid it or simply forget to do it. Today I did a yoga class followed by a dance class where you have a SERIOUS aerobic workout as you learned a very fast dance routine. The dance was something like you see dancers do on a music video, fast, pulsing, lots of sexy movements, hip rocking, spins, Flap-Ball-Change, grapevine and all. And as any dancer knows, it was EXHAUSTING. But fun as hell, because you don't notice how hard your working as you're trying to nail the complicated set of dance steps.

In Twitter today I said I wish I could do all my meetings at the gym either working out or swimming. It occurred to me today, I have to stop avoiding it and admit, I really want to get my fitness training certification. I started the process last year, got busy being a CMO of a start-up, but now, I really must JUST DO IT!

Photo Credit: Rodney Yee's site: Yoga Mats