Tuesday, September 23, 2008

#EmTech08: Lisa T. Su on Innovation

Lisa T. Su ends with seven points on successful innovation:

1. Create lasting product differentiation;
2. Unrelenting focus on increasing customer value; (some one has to buy it) Great example, iPod.
3. Execution -- Relentless Pursuit of Excellence; 90% of the goal line is no touchdown -- doing that last 10% is everything
4. The only constant is change. Change is a great but uncomfortable thing. (If you dislike change, you'll dislike irrelevance even more.)
5. Run Faster. If you like make things perfect, and it's two years late, forget perfect. Be earlier but not perfect to benefit the marketplace. Product timelines are shrinking, being first to market has a huge advantage.
6. People. Competence, Character, Passion. Build the right team. It's not always the smart person, but the one who does what it takes to win.
7. Teamwork. It's not fun to do things by yourself.