Thursday, April 10, 2008

Doc Back In The Saddle

When I picked Doc up at the hospital yesterday after his all too exciting bout with a pulmonary embolism, he was bleeding a little. It was slightly heart-stopping for me, especially as I knew he was on blood thinners which have a nasty side effect of allowing you to bleed to death, if you don't staunch the flow.

I know because my mom and dad towards the ends of their lives were on blood thinners, like coumadin and warfarin (the same chemicals they use in rat poison). And ironically yesterday was the anniversary of my dad's death. All a little too coincidental for me.

Still, one must be upbeat and keep a stiff upper lip, and I think we had a pleasant ride back to his home. Home. Home Sweet Home. Home on the range. It is good to be home and out of any hospital, that's for sure.

I headed next for the drugstore to drop those prescriptions and others, then out to get some food for him and his kid, then get his kid at school, then back to get the prescriptions which had been filled, then back to Doc's. And was he resting, sleeping, taking it easy? Well, no! He was online. Duh! I should've known. I guess that shows he really is getting better!

Still, I'm a mom and I can't help being a worry wart, I admit. So, Doc, you're in our prayers, in our thoughts, and at the top of our Worry Lists! Take it easy man!