Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Why CES Is So Darned Sexy

The big Las Vegas computer show CES used to be pretty damned dull. But no more. CES is so hot, because it's jam-packed with Sexy Celebrity Geeks!

I mean who'd want to nibble cocktail peanuts with George Clooney, when you could ichat up Steve Jobs?

And who needs a roll in the hay with a bore like Brad Pitt, when you've got Eric Schmidt to trade algorithms with?

And c'mon -- Matt Damon should just go defenestrate himself once a hottie hunk like Bill Gates strolls into the room. No competition.

And guys, you know Caterina Fake's the real thing, next to a lackluster gal pal like Julia Roberts.

Who needs the Rat Pack when you've got the Brainiacs?

Sexy Celebrity Geeks go cool places, take cool video podcasts of themselves and actually KNOW stuff. They are witty and brainy and smart! Hell, they don't even need writers to write the words they say! Their brains can't go on strike. Their globes are really golden.

And that's the point. Smart is sexy. And Smarter is even sexier. So geeks are sexiest.

Let's go crazy ... imagine sharing Seesmics with Scoble, lounging langourously while lingering over Linux with Searls, and girls, doncha just wanna agonize over A rounds with Arrington?! Admit it.

So CES will rock Vegas and best of all, what happens at CES in Vegas, DOESN"T STAY IN VEGAS. It's a hot bed of new ideas and innovation that will infect the whole country and keep us feverish throughout the coming year. That's the kind of virus I wanna catch.