Thursday, January 10, 2008

So The Party's Over!

Well, the deliciously warm January thaw weather is on its way out and we're all heading back to the ice prison. Honestly, life in a reasonable, mild environment is so much easier than this extreme weather of the Northeast ... so darned cold in winter, and then three days of spring, and you take the plunge into the humid, hot and horrid summer.

We all ask ourselves, several times a day, WHY THE HELL DO WE LIVE HERE?!?

I think there's some sort of Yankee snobbery about being able to tough out the winter and sweat through the dreadful summers, proving we're more robust than our seemingly pampered California and Southeast brothers and sisters. Some weird twisted Puritan thinking I figure, we should REALLY get over it.

You may not know this, but we've had very solid, high piles of iced-over dirty snow everywhere until this week. Just like someone draining a lake bed, finding last summer's blow-up toys, pink flamingo air rafts and dead deflated rubber sharks, much of the snow's finally melted and left some weird debris behind.

There is a very large, flat Halloween pumpkin next to my front door, half hiding under the bushes, reminiscent of a dead beach ball. It's pathetic and my neighbor and I came out at the same time, took a look at it and just started laughing. More than a few barbeque tools have been exhumed from the back yard. And which kid in the neighborhood left one very dirty sneaker in a pile of wood behind the garage? We'll never know. We need some new snow to cheer up the joint and tidy things up around here.