Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Piece of Cake

I started feeling sluggish and just not myself this spring, noticed I'd gained weight, so I decided to go on a diet. It was a reasonable, balanced, disciplined but flexible diet. It allowed for a wide variety of foods, it let me keep certain sinful foods on my list, as long as I ate them in small portions and it was "do-able" and reasonable, not one of these crazy diets that are just too extreme.

No big secret here ... the diet I was on was Weight Watchers, and I'm a very big fan. I have nothing but good to say about them, especially as I've lost about 15 lbs.

The really shocking thing is how your metabolism starts to grind to a halt over age 40, almost without you noticing and you really have to decide on the harsh reality of making a choice about your body. Either you have to commit to eating a LOT less, coupled with moving a LOT more or getting heavier and heavier every year. I just wasn't going to do that last thing, getting less and less fit and more and more fat. It didn't seem okay to me.

I have big plans to live to about the age of ... well, at least 106 years old, when my name sake, Halley's Comet comes back to orbit the Earth. I don't plan to be a big fattie when it arrives -- no way.

So back to the title. Losing weight is NOT a piece of cake. It's not easy. But you can steer clear of that EXTRA piece of cake and all those other little "treats" you think you need, want, desire. You can really live without them. At least I'm going to try to.

Photo Credit: Williams Sonoma