Sunday, January 13, 2008

Online Advertising Lows: Creepy Little Dancing Girls

Okay, I know you've seen them. They are creepy little disco-dancing girls with common garb and rubbery legs who are dancing up a storm on online ads for things like Mortgages, Online Universities and other junk.

They are very annoying and subliminal. They get under your skin and seem easy to ignore, at first, but then after seeing a bunch of them, nearly every time you are online at Yahoo or other large portal sites, they get to be really disturbing.

This recent little creepy dancing girl in a purple dress with black boots -- and don't get the idea she's a hottie sexy type girl -- she looks more like a Kindergarten teacher -- has nearly deformed feet and legs as she disco's around my screen. Ugh! I worry about her. Her legs don't look nimble, they look like they are melting and are all too reminiscent of frogs' legs.

Undoubtedly, the SEO and spam-ad geniuses know something I don't know about how eye-catching the little dancing girl is. But am I supposed to believe this girl goes hog wild because of lower mortgage rates ... because I don't!