Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Mysterious Wall Street Journal

In case you wondered, the WSJ is the No. 2 largest circulation paper in the United States, after USA Today, and I am now a subscriber along with 5,147,565 of my closest capitalist friends.

The problem is ... it just started showing up on my doorstep THIS WEEK and I didn't think I actually ordered it. Was I reading someone else's Wall Street Journal?

And this was some week to start getting The Wall Street Journal ... while world stock markets were in bucking bronco mode, Bernanke and Bush were speechifying and trying to force feed the markets Prozac and all hell was breaking loose at Societe Generale ... suddenly I'm getting the WSJ.

Was it a message from God? Was it a sign ... buy low (lots of opportunity to do that this week), sell high (that is, when you've filled that medical marijuana prescription you hide in your wallet for some special day in the future.)

Well, not exactly. I called the nice guy at the WSJ Subscription department and he said that it really was MY WSJ and it was paid for with United Freq Flyer miles, which reminded me that I had filled out some random junk mail offering to turn my miles into media ... oh yeah! Well, thanks guys, never a moment too soon.