Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lovely Sexy Irish Music

I got this lovely sexy Irish music for Christmas. Have you heard it?

It's Aine Minogue's To Warm The Winter's Night. It should last you long into winter, then round about Valentine's Day you might want to hear this other album.

The Vow, An Irish Wedding Celebration, might be the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

And these lyrics, very beautiful:
The Edge of the White Rock (Bruach na Carraige Baine)

I would prefer than all of Ireland and
the wealth of the King of Spain,
That you and I were in a beautiful nook
in the woods far from our friends,
Oh, if only you and I were married, love,
with the blessing of our parents,
My beloved of the sweetest kiss,
you are the sun of the white rock.

Oh, fair-haired, handsome woman,
if you are not destined for me, your friends will care for you,
With silk and hats from head to toe and
the most beautiful of all that can be bought in town,
Your cattle will be driven home every evening,
and your horses will make sweet sounds in the fields,
You will have gold in your hand and
you will have a carriage to bring you to the edge of the white rock.