Thursday, January 31, 2008

How Bill Cooked Hillary's Goose

What was he thinking? What the hell was he thinking? Bill Clinton left a bad taste in my mouth last week.

In case you had the slightest concern that voting for Hillary would amount to voting for Hillary AND Bill ... well, after the Obama bombing raids of the past few weeks ... rest assured that it's even worse than that. Bill made it clear that a vote for Hillary is ONLY a vote for Bill. Yes, if you want Bill Clinton back in the White House, feel free to vote for Hillary. He calls the shots.

He made it clear that he's running things, and running things in your standard nasty back-room politics, inside-the-beltway manner. What's he got ... a case of Stockholm Syndrome, adopting the techniques of his oppressors, becoming the new Karl Rove?!

He's done her in better than any Republicans ever could. Thanks, Bill. He's demonstrated for all of us how deeply engrained sexism is in our country ... even HE doesn't trust his wife to deliver, only a white boy can run things, and he's the man for the job.

I think I'll pass.