Friday, January 25, 2008

Fridayish Kind of Day

It is a Fridayish kind of day, leading one to believe that you'll have a weekend to yourself to do what you please, but do you REALLY?

Ever notice how errands, insane relatives, annoying shop clerks, odd neighbors, and other problems can suddenly populate your weekend? Well, it's really not their fault -- it's YOUR fault. Resist, resist, resist!

When I mark my calendar, sometimes I make a BLACKOUT WEEKEND, which only requires a big black X through Sat/Sun to remind me to say NO to everything.

It's really hard to have a relaxing weekend without turning down all offers, events and other time-wasters. If I'm going to waste time, I'll do it all on my own with no help from anyone else, thank you very much.

I read books ... lots of books and when I mention this to people, they always ask how I find the time. It's not that tough, just schedule that Blackout Weekend, girls and boys, you deserve it. Remember how to read?! Seems like a lot of people don't read at all anymore. I feel sorry for them. It is one of the greatest pleasures.

Spending the weekend reading means I can go to Borneo and 1930's Berlin and Outer Space and a Korea MASH hospital, all in 48 hours. I can read all Saturday night, while other silly people are in crowded, noisy restaurants or long movie lines, then sleep in on Sunday, skipping church and reading the Bible instead. That's all I need when it comes to entertainment. Perfect weekend.