Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Well, I knew it felt cold out there this morning at the busstop w/my kid ... but it wasn't until I got back inside that I saw the actual temperature. 7. I mean, 7! I mean, ugh, god, jeez louise 7!

I have always wondered how a partying parent or an alcoholic parent could possibly manage to take care of a kid at all. Start with getting up at 6:00am, making breakfast and out to the busstop in 7 degree weather at 7:15am? Hardly a rock star lifestyle this kid care thing. Glad I've never been a drinker and always been an early bird. Even having a night owl personality would just about kill you after awhile if you had a kid to take care of.

And I still don't get why the hell they make high schoolers get to school the EARLIEST when everyone knows teenagers love to sleep in and their growth almost requires it. The school day calendar is all set up to benefit the sports coaches who want their jock kid atheletes using most of the afternoon to practice football and baseball. They want them in early and out early. So they get to tell the rest of us when to wake up ... it's just not fair. So elementary school kids, who are up at dawn anyway, go to school latest ... and middle schoolers in between ... and high schoolers at the earliest time of all, dragging themselves out, or sometimes NOT.