Thursday, January 18, 2007

Beyonce And DC: To The Left, To The Left, He's Thinks He's Irreplaceable

I like to hear Beyonce's new hit song, Irreplaceable where she explains to her bad boyfriend that he CAN be replaced, and easily. It's so timely.

It starts with a chant, "To the left, to the left ..." and her cute finger-pointing gesture, showing him that all his stuff is in a box "to the left" ready for him to move out.

And you can't help thinking this is Washington DC's new anthem. To The Left. To The Left. Yes, the whole town, the Senate, the House, it's all going seriously to the left.

And as for Bush, even his own party seems eager to remind him he's not Irreplaceable, in fact, it seems like just about everyone is running for president, essentially running him out of town. "Don't you ever, for a second, get to thinkin' ... you're irreplaceable."

To the left, to the left, watch the video on YouTube.