Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What A Night!

It's hard to live in Boston and not be a Democrat, so it can't be a big surprise to anyone who knows I'm a Bostonian that, yes, yes, I'm definately a Democrat.

This election has been too exciting to even blog. The Demos swept the House. Nice, nice, nice. And I was flipping between CNN and PBS with Charlie Rose interviewing some serious A Listers. You know, the usual suspects, David Gergen at Harvard's KSG and David Brooks and Ed Rollins. And I totally dig Katrina (not the Hurricane) Vander Heuvel, so it was great to see her.

Early in the evening, there was the strangest thing going on on CNN, where Anderson Cooper was interviewing four other brainy guys, starting with William Bennett, in fact, he was giving Bennett so much air time and it was getting on my nerves tremendously.

In the line up of his four guys, James Carville was the last guy in the row and again and again and again, he kept interviewing the first three and NOT asking Carville what he thought. It was really bordering on rude, with it coming to Carville's turn and they would cut to commercial or cut to Paula Zahn or god knows what the hell they were doing. It was getting embarrassing. Did Anderson Cooper have a grudge match going with Carville? Was he trying to be sure Carville got ZERO airtime?

It was driving me crazy.

I love Carville and with all due respect to the other three ... I didn't give a hoot what they had to say, just wanted to hear Carville and they kept ignoring him!?! I couldn't believe it.

But then ... a few things changed ... like the Senate races in Virginia, Missouri, Montana and Tennessee suddenly were the whole story. Suddenly the Democrats had swept the House and these four states were hanging there in mid-air, the Senate hanging in the balance and FINALLY, they let Carville speak.

And Carville was like a kid in a candy store. Sheesh! And he was great ... and it's still not clear what's going to happen with the Senate. But it was worth the wait -- hearing Carville, that is.

And there will be a lot more waiting tonight before we know the final score.

But it will all be worth the wait.