Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving Yesterday

Well, sorry, it's been tough getting in front of a computer lately. I had a terrific Thanksgiving yesterday, hope you did too.

Actually I had a traditional Turkey-yams-pie thing LAST Saturday night, just because the family was available then and so we planned it as an early preemptive strike Thanksgiving. It was really fun to do it early.

Then yesterday, I had a smaller stealthy Thanksgiving -- Risotto with Roasted Chicken, Salad w/homemade vinagrette, Blueberry Pie -- SO GOOD -- and had time all day NOT slaving over a turkey, but reading, yoga-ing, watching CSPAN, hanging with friends, enjoying the pouring rain, not DRIVING or FLYING anywhere.

It reminds me of a Christmas I did a few years back with my kid where we went away skiing the week of Christmas, avoided all the crazy rush stuff, had Christmas early, spent the actual day in the snow.