Friday, November 24, 2006

Best Deal: Apple

Of all the Day-After-Thanksgiving marketing being shoved down my throat in the last few days, there is only one company that did it right ... well, mostly right.

Apple sent me a discrete email about shopping online with them. Granted, my kid wants a Xmas present from there, so I was already primed to shop with them, but they did make it easy.

One thing I love is that you can have some of their products (I can't mention what I'm getting him!) engraved. So I go to their site, I see the thing he wants and I type in his name for engraving and ... it's interactive and appears on the product immediately ... that was cool.

Things Apple got wrong: I received their email about shopping the day after Thanksgiving on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I would have bought the item right then and there (probably to their advantage) but I couldn't figure out from their marketing schpiel if the discount they were offering was good on Wednesday or only on Friday. Dumb. They should have made that obvious. It was NOT exciting to me (but vague and confusing) that I can get the discount from some time (noon?) on Friday to some time Friday night (midnight?), that's too annoying for me to think about and isn't shopping online all about NOT having to shop when other idiots are shopping?

Also, they wanted me to sign up to buy it with my Apple MacBook email which I never use and they default to on their shopping screen. This made me turn my shopping cart upside down and give up on Wednesday afternoon.

I'll try buying the item today. I still love seeing the little interactive engraved letters appear on it. Way cool.