Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Killer Conf in SEATAC

Don't tell me you're not heading to Seattle for the Blog Business Summit ... say it ain't so Joe!

I'll be speaking at this MUST SEE MUST ATTEND Conference in SEATAC, I mean, Seattle at the end of October (10/25-27) -- big deal, but check out the OTHER TALENT -- it's awesome! The best of Web 2.0. Hell, maybe there will be an alpha male fist fight over the future of social networking with such a crew!

Here's the link to the speakers. I know most of them and then there are a few I don't know at all. Here's some stuff about them.

Andru Edwards -- Andru is just too hot. He was seated next to me at this amazing surf and turf dinner we had at Microsoft Search Champ Camp ... did he know how much he was turning me on ... with his brilliant mind I mean, don't get the wrong idea. I think he was digging the turf.

Ben Edwards -- Who the hell is this guy? He sounds awesomely awesome and I've never met him. Too crazy. Ben, man, can't wait to press the flesh.

Buzz Bruggeman -- Oh golly gosh, I love Buzz and we've had such a fun friendship, if I remember right we are always getting sent to the virtual Principal's Office at every event for horsing around and making trouble. I have this bad effect on babies and tall guys. Buzz is really tall and is a certified alpha male who often calls me for specific alpha male dating advice. One time I was in Toys R Us buying Bionic Legos when he called, but I dropped everything.

Dave Taylor -- Dave is cool and smart and has a very full head of hair in this picture. Love that.

Janet Johnson -- OhmiGod. Janet, have we met. Just like Ben Edwards you have an awesome bio and I don't think we'd had much palaround time together at all. This is not good. Girl, let's hang in SEATAC'sville.

Jason Calacanis -- Oh Jason, okay, kid, you make me weak in the knees, you're a star. Can I get you to autograph my program or something. Remember the night you proposed to your now wonderful wife in Paris. We all had dinner that night and it was a blast to chat with you. Talk about Alpha!

John Battelle -- the man, the legend. John, you're like frigging Web 2.0 royalty, can't wait to see you, I mean kiss the hem of your garment. And btw, your book, I loved loved loved and learned so much, it was like taking a big Web 2.0 vitamin pill.

John Furrier -- Why is this guy so smart and so much fun and so brilliant to snag Scoble Fish, pulled them right into his net. John, see ya soon and know it will be a blast.

Jory Des Jardins -- XOXOXO xXXXOOOxXOOX I Love Jory! She cool bitch. She happenin' lady. She way wonderful that girl!

Mary Hodder -- Okay, it's true we slept together in Paris. Well, I mean, shared a room, split the Euros and hell, nearly shared Doc's room for what it was worth (wifi that is). And as much as sharing a bed with those kids is fun, sharing their brains is what really rocks.

Robert Scoble -- Can't wait to share my Seattle umbrella with you and Maryam. Hey, ain't she the brains behind the scenes with this cool conf?

Steve Broback -- THE MAN! I love Steve and Steve's awesome conference building skills.