Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Last Night With The Scobles

North Beach in San Francisco is the Italian neighborhood, with great history, great food, great street life. We coaxed the always-too-busy-lately Scobles into town for a terrific dinner at Trattoria Contadina in North Beach, a lovely little Italian place right on the corner of the hilly junction of Union and Mason, where the cable cars go rattling and creaking by and that roooshy-rooshy noise of the cables in the street hums under your feet.

Trattoria Contadina was packed last night and all for good reason. The food’s great, the ambiance is classic North Beach and so so SF. We love the Maitre d' (or Maitresse d') Gina.

Maryam and I haven’t gotten a real quiet moment to ourselves for a while – and barely did at BlogHER this weekend where she was the belle of the ball, rightly so with her great performance as a speaker on the subject of being private and public in your blog, being naked and clothed and how to chose which state of undress to indulge in when.

At dinner, Robert was having a fun and funny time messing around with his great kid Patrick, age 11ish. Those two are like two 11 year olds and of course remind me of my own 11 year old who unfortunately couldn’t be with me on this trip, but was having fun with HIS dad back East.

I’m so glad Robert and Maryam will be back in the Bay Area, seems like they’ve been in Seattle for way too long, although I’m sure the Seattleites have the exact opposite opinion. They’ll miss them sorely.

I was regaling them with stories about a prehistoric piece of pizza we found under my son's bed which prompted a total down-to-the-last-bit-of-dust-and-tiny-Lego-piece room cleaning. His room will never look the same.

There was a rather large number of GI Joe's lost under the bed, including one who had lost all his tiny camo army clothes and I ended up dressing in a cotton gym sock for decency's sake. He looked a bit like a tough mermaid in that getup.