Monday, July 17, 2006

Stylefeeder: "For Web Surfers Who Wear Prada"

Great piece in The Boston Globe by Hiawatha Bray this morning about Stylefeeder.

Okay, the word is out, I'm a girl who likes to shop ... for shoes and clothes and other cool stuff, like new companies:
You can't buy friendship. But Philip Jacob of Watertown thinks you can shop for it.

That's why Jacob started StyleFeeder, a new website that lets people create a new kind of online community, by bookmarking items from their favorite online shopping sites.

Jacob and others are hoping to repeat the success of social networking websites like MySpace by launching a social bookmarking site. At these sites, users sign up free of charge. Then they post links to their favorite sites, and share those links with friends, family members, or total strangers with similar tastes.


One of StyleFeeder's big fans was Halley Suitt, cofounder of Top Ten Media Inc., a Cambridge company whose site helps readers find high-quality information published on blogs. ``It does a few things wonderfully well," said Suitt. ``It's really fun."

Suitt liked it so much, she bought the company for an undisclosed sum. Jacob will stay on as Top Ten's vice president of technology.