Saturday, July 01, 2006

Gnomedex: Suitt Discussion: "The Creative Leader"

I want to lead a discussion today at Gnomedex on The Creative Leader.

How do you identify and manage The Creative Leader in a category? How do you invest in it, counsel it and make it grow?

How do you manage a creative leader -- the person?

How do you manage a creative team?

Are we having FUN yet?


Dan Pink: A Whole New Mind

---> "The MFA is the new MBA"

Richard Florida The Flight Of The Creative Class

---->"Creativity is organic ... you can't plan for it, you can only allow it room and freedom to grow." -- Fast Company interview
--->"The World is Spiky." link to article and Florida's site,

Gardiner Morse, Harvard Business Review, Sparking Creativity at Ferrari, April 2006 Issue

--->"Ferrari depends on a creative workforce to build its gorgeous cars. Companies can take a lesson from its unique approach to inspiring employees."