Monday, July 31, 2006

Design Out Of The Box: UED Design Expo 2006

Yahoo invited me to this lovely travelling show of cool artists doing cool things ... so hard to describe them all. Here's the link from the San Jose Mercury News.

Like the bug lady -- she's built a geodesic dome where you crawl in and you experience what it feels like to be an insect and hell it's noisy and big stuff like leaves and branches litter your little world. Being a bug sucks and it's very noisy.

And the BABY RACE -- the baby race is 4 remote control babies race hooked up with sensor which makes your baby move when you lick on a lollipop. Peter Merholz and I had a lollipop licking show-down. I won.

Fun to see the Spit Ball Lady too, who gave me a list of the 7 Deadly Sins in Latin and did this amazing installation of spitballs as decorative arts around the sins.

And ... and ... and, other amazing stuff hard to even describe.

The point is that Yahoo corporate is so uncorporate and so cool to bring these artists in for their designers and UI guys to hang out with. Amazing place.