Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My Little Blue Dinghy

It's a little after 5:00am and I'm in my little blue dinghy trawling for words, pulling in the nets to see what I've snagged. Some are keepers, some I catch and release.

Okay, I'm not really in a little boat bobbing around in the ocean, I'm in Boston on shore, on land, terra firma, but for what it's worth I might as well be out there in the middle of the Atlantic somewhere, since I am in some weird time zone where people wake up at 3:00am and feel like it's 6:00am. I'm not really a citizen of EST, Eastern Standard Time is too lazy for me. I need a time zone that's EST minus 3.

I've always been a radically early riser. I feel like the day's already over, if not stale by 8:00am -- when all the other annoying people wake up. There's nothing I like better than getting up 3:00ish or 4:00ish, writing, making a cup of tea, padding around my place in old socks, pj's, just seems perfect.

No one talking to me.

No one to talk to.

No one interrupting me, or my thoughts.

No sounds, mostly, ... sometimes a few birds.

Sea birds whirling above over head and they make joking noises, teasing me.

Yes, there's more noise out here than I remember. It's a veritable cacophony.

The ocean's roaring this morning, churning full of words.

Yes, I can hear it loud and clear now.