Monday, May 01, 2006

Top Ten Zen

So many cool things happening over at Top Ten Sources, like Lane Becker's list. Read what he wrote about how he works at Adaptive Path, the brill design company:
At Adaptive Path, we're not content to be just a design company, or just a technology company, or just a technology design company. We're always on the lookout for new approaches, new influences, new disciplines; and we'll take good ideas from anywhere we can find 'em. It's a big world, there's a lot of great thinking going on, and the Web brings such frequent and intimate access to it all that it's almost a crime to pick only ten.
Another great Web 2.0 company with a woman CEO, Janice Fraser, may I mention! This is a standard theme with Web 2.0 companies, female leadership -- just ask Megnut and Caterina and Mary and Mena.

As for the zen aspect of Top Ten, I just wanted to mention how great it is to be surrounded by the same exciting "new approaches, new influences, new disciplines" that Lane mentions. Our team is exciting, being in Harvard Square is exciting, the great balance of young and old, female and male, not to mention some excellent diversity around the place makes it a terrific company. I'm loving it.