Sunday, May 28, 2006

Fell Off My Bike Today

Well, with the great weather, I'm back on my bike again, well, maybe I shouldn't say back ON, since today I fell off my bike.

I had a near collision with some idiot in a pickup truck, leaving me a few impossible choices. I could smash into him as he cut me off; I could pass him on the left and end up in the middle of other scary traffic; I could try to hop the curb and ride on the sideway.

I tried choice #3, to leap the high curb and get on the sideway, but didn't have the momentum to make it and went flying off my bike and skidding OUCH into the sidewalk, resulting in a very scraped up calf and a bloody knee.

I had bandaids in my knapsack, for my kid, of course, since I figure he's the one much more likely to get injured on our outings. I didn't have anything like a wipe, or water even to clean the messy wound, but I did have a change of clothes, so a clean pair of cotton panties had to substitute for a handkercheif equivalent. I cleaned off the bloody part and bandaided up my knee.

Cars and cyclists are always a bad mash-up. Luckily this didn't spoil my day and I spent most of the rest of the day riding all through Boston, after my kid and I went to a friend's house for a real first-aid pit stop.