Monday, May 01, 2006

Dog Ate My Homework ... Really!

Well, I spent a part of the weekend helping my 5th grader son do an art project ... papier mache actually. Flour, water, messy kitchen and when it was done we put it out in the back yard to dry.

Sunny day. Happy to be AHEAD on the deadline which is next Thursday. All was going well. We went to the Little League game.

We come home later in the afternoon. We decide to check on the project, see if the papier mache is dry. Well, ... it was gone. Yep, GONE!

Totally weird. Who steals a little papier mache mask? I mean, what the heck?!? And now that cold sweat begins ... the realization that we have to do it all over again and believe it or not, we barely have time between now and Thursday to do it again. We have Little League games and school fairs and middle school orientation and every darned thing between now and then. And Mommy has to make a speech at the Harvard Kennedy School on Tuesday, thank you very much, and doesn't have time for stolen papier mache!!!!

And all we could figure is maybe some animal ate it ... yeah, maybe a dog ate my kid's homework. At least, that's what we'll tell his teacher as we beg for an extension on his deadline.