Thursday, April 27, 2006


I liked reading this piece in The Economist about new media. I just finished it up this morning, with this section about the "Du bist Deutscheland" ("You Are Germany") campaign, something that blew up in the face of a German ad agency, Jung von Matt, when they tried to launch a pro-Germany campaign that was unfortunately reminescent of one Hitler pulled together in 1935, "Benn du bist Deutschland" ("Because You Are Germany").

Bloggers got ahold of an old photo featuring Hitler and had it up all over the web showing the new campaign in a ridiculous light. The Belgian firm's boss, Mr. von Matt got pissed off and in a private email (which didn't stay private long) asked "What on earth gives every computer-owner the right to express his opinion, unasked for?" The Economist goes on to answer just that; that this is the essense of blogging, everyone DOES have the right to express his/her opinion.