Thursday, February 02, 2006

Not Calm Dot Calm: Thanks Jen

Jenifer Sharpen can't really have four kids ... she blew my mind. She's not much bigger than a thimble herself and is full of spunk and has this gorgeous long hair and has ... she can't have four kids and has the time to blog at Not Calm Dot Calm. It didn't seem possible.

Here's here funny post about our meeting. She gets it right with meeting Andrew Shue -- that he's a mom just like us and THAT'S why we like him. He told a great story about his wife being in a car accident and how he had to take over running the family -- three very active boys, while she was getting better, so he really GETS IT.

Jenifer, if I had your energy, I could provide the President with an alternative to our current Middle East Oil Addiction. If we could just put your energy into a factory somewhere, surely we could light some big part of the country, say the lower 48 and let Alaska figure out their own plan, make Hawaii go solar.