Thursday, January 05, 2006

Shit! Melissa Summers Is So Funny!

I never read this famous Mommy Blogger's ABOUT page. Don't miss it:
I love my kids. I just don’t love the actual work of raising them. Oh and the amount of talking it requires. And the public humiliation. Also, the guilt of doing this job. But otherwise I love it all.

Common sense tells you not to talk about your job on your blog because it could get you fired. Mostly what I talk about is my job raising my children. I dare them to fire me.

I’m a cynic who has always been incredibly lazy. Motherhood has not changed that fact. Taking care of everything two small people need is the hardest job I’ve ever had. Yes, I signed up for it so PLEASE don’t remind me. What I didn’t sign up for is doing this work and not complaining about it.

If you are not subscribed to Melissa Summer's Suburban Bliss, you're silly.