Wednesday, January 11, 2006

More Wonderful Writing: Tish Grier

I really do read my blogroll, just go down through it, name by name, like visiting friends grabbing a cup of coffee, stealthy socializing, I know, but I love it. Fun to catch up with Tish today and what she did on her winter vacation. Sounds like the perfect thing to do for a happy new year -- reconsider every goddamned inch of your goddamned life. Don't miss her great writing.

It's like finally understanding what my friend Cathy meant when she said "maybe being conventional doesn't work for you."

With the holidays behind me, and a new year in front of me, I can breathe again. Perhaps being sick and sleeping alot allowed my subconscious to sort through everything and get some perspective. Perhaps the unposted whine was the final mental dry heave I needed to clean my system and open it to all the good thoughts and words that many people have been feeding me (like so many good somosas and curries).

Perhaps I am not the West, but I am India in disguise. And you all knew it before I did.

Like so much music, I can hear what y'all have been saying...I can hear your confidence....I understand the tune now. It was in me all along.