Thursday, January 19, 2006

Lunch At Legal Seafood's -- MIT Kendall Square

I'll bet a whole bunch of you have eaten any number of meals at the MIT Legal Seafoods, but I just had to mention going there today and NOTICING the energy of the Kendall Square area sure feels like the old boom days.

The restaurant was packed -- the usual suspects in fine form -- the tweedy professors, the geeky slide-rulers, the VC's overdressed trying to look geeky in way-too-expensive shoes, some blonde babe PR girls. Felt a little like ... what's that joint in Los Altos ... the breakfast place ... oh, yeah, Buck's ... felt like they'd FEDEX'd the Buck's 1998 crowd to Cambridge, dressed them for cooler weather, but same script.

[Correction: Woodside, thanks, Dan!]