Tuesday, January 03, 2006

James Blunt: You're Beautiful

My life is brilliant ... he starts his song. God, what a sexy song and what a sexy guy.

The video is so simple.

A sexy man getting undressed slowly and singing about a beautiful woman he saw for a moment

"I saw your face
in a crowded place
and I don't know what to do
because I'll never be with you."

Can I go back to the undressing part? Women so often are the leading sexy actor in a real sex scene -- I mean, the kind that I hope is happening in your bedroom -- but to watch a man take off his tee shirt, over his head, in that funny way men do, it's so hot.

Why the hell do they do that, that way, they pull it up their back and over their head. It's so sweet and both like a kid, a little boy, but sexy like a man too. Whoa!

Don't miss the video and hey, James Blunt, YOU'RE beautiful.