Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Hattie Hottie

Hats are hot and Ashlee Simpson is a hottie, put it together with her great new Europoptrash song L.O.V.E, you got a killer combination. She has a lot of "joan jett" to her if you ask me.

I think she's great and how about these girl-power lyrics!

I'm talkin' bout love
All my girls stand in a circle and clap your hands this is for you
Ups and downs highs and lows no matter what you see me through
My boyfriend he don't answer on the telephone
I don't even know where the hell he goes
But all my girls we're in a circle and nobody's gonna break through

Oh did you hear me say?
Did you hear me say
Im talkin' bout

I'm talkin' bout love, say you'll be my girls for life
Girls for life
Oh hold up, I need another one
I think you, you do too
Grab my bag, got my own money
Don't need any man in this room
My boyfriend he'll be calling me now anytime
I need all my girls to keep him off my mind
So hold up we need another one
What we got is all good.