Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Provincetown: Martin House

I never ate at the Martin House, but apparently Provincetown regulars ADORED IT and when it changed hands this past season, there was much sadness around here.

I've only been here a few days, but I have heard some seriously BAD WOM (word of mouth) about the new management and the food and the service -- the whole thing. Our b&b owners were careful not to say bad things about it, as were other restauranteurs around here, but other local residents, tourists, visitors, strangers have been vocal in NOT enjoying their experience at The Martin House this week and that word spreads like wildfire.

What's more interesting than this particular restaurant and its sinking reputation, is how powerful word of mouth is. From a first negative report on day one of my visit here, I'd like to trace the number of people who have heard negative comments about the place. The growth of such bad news seems dangerously exponential.

Some writers discuss word of mouth (WOM) marketing and gossip here. And a link to the piece in The Onion.

Hey, Dave Balter, been thinking about you this week!