Monday, December 05, 2005

Please Subscribe: Check Out Bloglines

You really won't believe it, but I only recently started using an aggregator. I mean, I've been aware of them and have used them occasionally over the last 5 years or so, but until this very month, I never used them to read feeds, I just went to the blog itself to read it. Don't even ask why. I guess they seemed too confusing, complicated or that they took too much time to bother with (of course, Scoble and I would always disagree on that point.)

Anyway, thanks to a new project I'm working on, I really needed to start using them every day. So I got back onto Bloglines, which I have to say is really terrific and really easy.

And, without realizing, because I never looked at aggregators, I have over 500 subscribers -- this honestly blew my mind. So first of all, THANKS! And secondly, to you guys who don't use aggregators like me and don't subscribe to my blog, PLEASE CHANGE YOUR MINDS, like I did and sign up for Bloglines which is free.

And in terms of conflicts of interest, let me mention, I don't even know anyone who works at Bloglines. I know they were bought by someone last year, but I don't even recall who bought them. Meanwhile, I recommend them wholeheartedly because if they could make aggregators easy enough for me to use -- they rock!