Thursday, December 01, 2005

Mrs. Kennedy: One More Reason I Love Mommy Bloggers

Jesus, mommy bloggers are so funny, because they always tell the truth.

It's a habit you get into when there's a situation you need to assess quickly, like a big smear of brown shit up the back of your baby or blood spurting out of your kid's nose. You get in the habit of telling it like it is.

Like this description of the wonderful Mrs. Kennedy's financial situation ... which is the way most of us feel but none of us are brave enough to put on paper:
Jack and I kind of bobble back and forth between financial responsibility and complete ruin. On the one hand, we're carrying a hunkin' chunk of debt; on the other, we always pay on time and above the minimum due. On the one other hand, we just got a unexpectedly ginormous tax bill; but on the one other other hand, we'd already booked and paid for a ten-day vacation this month and BY GOD WE'RE GOING TO TAKE IT.