Friday, December 30, 2005

Krugman: A Year Ago, Most Americans Thought Mr. Bush Was Honest.

We know a lot more about this government of liars as 2005 drags to an end than we did last year.

Interestingly, in the good old days, you presented the facts -- especially egregious facts -- to the public about shameful acts committed by politicians lacking integrity and something happened.

They were impeached, imprisoned, or sometimes, they stepped down in shame.

But shame is out, not at all in fashion anymore, when it comes to this government.

This is the thing that really gets me crazy.

In the old days, the idea was that a statesman had integrity and if it was compromised, he or she was over. If they had disappointed the people by acting only for their personal self-interests, they were history.

But not with this government. If they do something unethical, they stand there with a "So What?" expression on their slippery faces.

"So What?" seems to suggest their next intention, "So what, you expected we were here as elected officials and statesman to serve the people and do it with honesty and integrity? What, are you stupid?"

So why are they there if it's clear they are shameless and it has nothing to do with serving the people. Again, they answer their own question by this stance.

"We're here to run things, to be in power, to line up advantages, tax breaks, real estate deals, you name it, to grab the lion's share for our little street gang of white boy thugs. You thought we were here for some other reason?"