Saturday, December 03, 2005

Dear Santa

Dear Santa: Here's what I want, any or all of these things:

Music: Madonna album
Electronics: Video iPod
Bath and Beauty: Anything from Body Shop, Sephora
Starbucks or Peets: Tea -- loose of any kind, particularly Darjeeling, Jasmin, English Breakfast
Kitchen: Anything from Williams Sonoma, a carrot peeler, a Pyrex 2 quart sauce pan in blue glass, another cutting board, a good paring knife, The LES HALLES cookbook, 6 matching ramekins for creme caramel (I have a bunch of unmatching ones for some reason), any plate for serving cheese, a dome to go with that, an Asian vegetable brush in brown straw, a soup kettle.
Pen and Paper: Anything from Levenger.