Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thankful: Dusting of Snow

Thanksgiving morning here in Boston. It's 5:15. I'm thankful I'm an early riser. I'm thankful for this great dark blue teapot. Thankful for the Prince of Wales black teabag. Thankful for the invitation to my sister's house for Thanksgiving lunch.

She asked me to bring some drinks.

I have a bunch of bottles of San Pelligrino water sitting in the kitchen.

I gather them up to put them outside on the back porch to get cold.

It's supposed to be cold out, still too dark to see much by the window.

I open the back door.


There's a dusting of beautiful white snow across the backyard.

I'm thankful for it. It's lovely.

I put the bottles out on the porch, better not forget them.