Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween Story

We had a lot of fun trick or treating yesterday with beautiful warm Indian Summer weather here. I asked my kid what the high point of the evening was.

It was easy. We went to a neighbor's house where a handsome young kid in jeans and a tee-shirt -- middle school age -- answered the door and gave out candy. We knew the people in that house and were friends with the youngest son, Rafael, a few years back when he was in the same elementary school as my kid. He was chubby with big cheeks then, a bit like my kid is now in 5th grade.

My kid asked him where his brother Rafael was. The kid say, "I'm Rafael!" And both of us were pretty knocked out. No disguise. No Halloween costume. Just a complete transformation from chunky kid to cute tall thin teenager.

I keep telling my son he's on the brink of the same change and he doesn't quite believe me, but last night I think he suddenly realized it might just happen. With a nephew who's 6'6", a brother who's 6'2" and my dad having been 6'4" not to mention a lot of other tall genes in the family, it's a pretty safe bet.