Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Gotta Blog (Sing To The Tune: Gotta Dance)

Been quiet around here, I know. But gotta blog today. Here's my schedule. I'll be interviewing.

Was at the Corante Social Software event at Harvard Berkman last night. Great to see a bunch of old and young familiar faces, in no particular order

Let me see ...

Marc Canter

Frank Paynter

Adam Green

Chris Nolan

Mary Hodder

Liz Lawley

Kaliya Hamlin

Stowe Boyd

Hylton Joliffe

Francois Goisseaux

Tony Kahn

David Weinberger

Ann Geller

Tish Grier

Steve Garfield

Kevin Marks

Many other great people.

If I left you off, so sorry, half asleep here. Will add more later.

See you all later today.