Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Corante Social Architecture Conf: Smart Things Said

There were a lot of smart things said yesterday at the Corante Conference on Social Architecture at Harvard Berkman, but I have to mention something Tony Kahn, Amanda Congdon and Lisa Stone discussed on JD Lasica's great panel.

They said -- and I think Tony articulated this very well -- that bloggers can be creative in terms of challenging MSM and conventional media in terms of editorial content, but what's really going to be interesting now is watching all of us come up with very creative BUSINESS MODELS and advertising and monetization models for our media (blogging, podcasting, vlogging, etc.).

Even if you think of yourself as a writer or an editorial person, this is the year to get down and dirty with your business savvy and change the way MSM thinks about making money. We needed accept their old thinking editorially, nor their old thinking in terms of revenue.

Amanda Congdon talked about carefully considering a number of models for Rocketboom. They apparently recently turned down a large media organization's bid to partner with them, whatever "partner" may mean, she was appropriately confidential on the details, but they are now considering any number of unobtrusive, informative, vblog-friendly advertising models. I thought she was really right on about how important this is for all of us to "own" and transform. The time is now and we have the right, if not the obligation to be very creative about how our media grows into financial maturity.

[Editor's note: 12/8/05, Rocketboom will be content featured on Tivo.]