Monday, November 28, 2005

Church Was Great Yesterday

Lovely to see a bunch of folks at church yesterday. I sat up in the balcony with my son, mostly because we were dressed like rock and rollers in jeans and looked pretty casual. My kid found an old palm frond from Palm Sunday (April?!) and spent most of the time folding it into a little cross for his teddy bear to hold. First week of Advent, three weeks to Christmas and we're doing origami with palms from Palm Sunday. Go figure.

There were a few people I saw down in the main sanctuary I wanted to chat with at Coffee Hour but they must have ducked out the back door. Darn!

Meanwhile, I met up with a new church-goer AND new fan of my blog who insists she and I don't need to email one another and have a real-life friendship, she's loving my blog and getting to know me that way ... okay ... this gave me pause. I appreciate the fan club attitude, but HELLO, I like knowing real people and having them know me too!!!! Call me crazy.

In fact, I told her how odd it is to meet up with people occasionally and they've been reading my stuff, KNOW EVERYTHING that's going on for me, finish my stories and anecdotes, and I don't know the first thing about what's going on with them.

I hate that! Even my family does that. It's like a pen pal relationship that only goes one way!

Best take away from church: Singing the hymns about Thanksgiving and getting ready to dress like an angel for the big musical production we do for The Nativity Pageant on Christmas Eve.

Missed the rehearsal yesterday as I had to run, but will be there next week. I always miss the day they hand out the angel outfits and get one that's too small or too big. I'll pray for a good fit this year.