Tuesday, November 01, 2005

About Halley's Comment

I've met a bunch of folks who are just starting to read blogs, including my blog, so I thought I'd link a bunch of pieces I've written that are best known. Links are all in another color -- notice them?

My blog started back in January 2002 when David Weinberger told me I should be blogging. You gotta listen to David. I went ahead and set up a blog. I figured putting my name in the title (Halley Suitt) in one way or another might be a good idea. I called it Halley's Comment.

I was a married mom with a husband and a seven-year old son living in a Boston suburb, in the beginning of my blog. That was some year -- 2002. For instance, lots of my early posts were about my dad who was ill in a nursing home. My dad died in April 2002. I wrote this the day after he died. My pal AKMA was so good to me during that time. It was great to have a priest blogger pal.

My marriage was dying too. In June 2002, I filed for divorce. In August 2002, I moved out of my married home into an apartment of my own with my kid. In September 2002, I started working at Harvard Business School Publishing in event planning.

I had always been a writer, but was never published. My blog got my writing kick-started in many ways. In 2003, I wrote a piece for Harvard Business Review on blogging (September 2003) and the next month, I published a fictional story in Penthouse Magazine. The story in Penthouse first appeared here on my blog! The editor read it here first and bought it from me to publish in the magazine.

I also wrote these essays, How To Become An Alpha Male In 18 Easy Lessons around that time. They were just a goof to entertain people and let off a little steam since I found I was surrounded by a lot of egotistical alpha males at Harvard and wanted to write about them and their will to power.

Here are some other pieces about my high-tech stuff and family stuff and girl stuff. I also started podcasting here, at Memory Lane on IT Conversations. [I'll add more links later.]

Enough for now.